And I love image making.

During my studies in multi media design, I was very much drawn to print making and drawing. I was fascinated by the way screen printing works for example.

So in the early days, I made my designs in an analog way. Technology has now provided me with a way to start creating digitally. This way, I can work quick and dirty.

I love the process of making designs tangible. Screen printing or painting for example, usually creates small imperfections, giving the flat and rigid vector lines a bit more character. I really love the minimalism and simplicity of vector lines on-screen but to see them on paper or walls is the perfect combination if you ask me. 

One of the most important skills I’ve picked up in a decade in the corporate world, is to really listen to clients and to come up with creative solutions. After all, image making is a collaboration providing solutions together. 

I’m mainly attracted to drawing animals, sports and buildings but I keep on expanding my field. As I think that play is very important in life, I devote a day a week to learning new stuff and experimenting. This way, I encourage myself to try out new things and see if they work. I experiment with different drawing techniques and I’m currently teaching myself simple animation so I can bring my drawings alive. 

Need something to be brought alive?
Let me know through an email: hello@illustrerik.com!