Illustration of a window in the Linnaeuskade Amsterdam

Windows of Amsterdam 10/52

Yet another window, close to where I’ve lived. This one is located at the Linnaeuskade in Watergraafsmeer. There’s a lot of gorgeous architecture in Watergraafsmeer, really. Often overlooked, it’s worth a stroll through the streets there. You’ll find a lot of typical Amsterdam buildings, mostly built around the 1930’s, but with a little more detail…

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Illustration of a window at the Kromme Waal in Amsterdam city center

Windows of Amsterdam 9/52

This weeks Window of Amsterdam is sort of close to my heart. I’ve lived very close to this house for a few months only but I loved it there. Right next to one of the canals closest to Amsterdam Central station. My girlfriend and me lived in student housing so it wasn’t that clean but…

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Illustration of a window at the Staalstraat in Amsterdam

Windows of Amsterdam 6/52

    This week it’s not a personal project really, I have made this illustration to order. It is a very nice addition to the Windows of Amsterdam collection however so here it is! Again a monument, this building (1641) was built as an office but is currently used as a store. It is located…

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Overview of the input for the alphabet challenge

More challenges coming!

Hi all, since the alphabet only has 26 characters in it, (at least, the Roman alphabet does) it has come to an end. I have posted my entry for “Z” today and now it’s time for ¬†starting a new challenge. Here’s the round up. Now, I really enjoyed this Alphabet challenge. It made me think…

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