Overview of the input for the alphabet challenge

More challenges coming!

Hi all, since the alphabet only has 26 characters in it, (at least, the Roman alphabet does) it has come to an end. I have posted my entry for “Z” today and now it’s time for  starting a new challenge. Here’s the round up.

Now, I really enjoyed this Alphabet challenge. It made me think of stuff I could design and it wasn’t easy. For 26 days now, I had to put out stuff on daily basis. That meant making sure I had some time freed up for making the next design. It really helps with sticking to your planning and making deadlines. It’s a great way of developing that mentality. I didn’t like it every day though. Most things I really liked doing but it gave me an insight in things I find hard.

For example, figuring out something to design with a letter every day is quite hard, especially with the less used letters like O and Q. And for me it was extra hard because English isn’t my native language. I think I know the language quite well but it just makes it that little bit harder to figure out things like this.

It taught me to ask for help, and in the process, to keep up with it. Not let go. It helped me to be more creative. And I do think that creativity stimulates, well, creativity. Some designs I managed to crank out in a matter of minutes, giving me great results. Other designs, like the Navitimer for example, took me hours and hours. This example of course, is highly detailed.

I learned that a good looking design doesn’t necessarily mean that it takes lots of time. Also, I learned new techniques while making these drawings and that was massively helpful. I learned how to make my life a lot easier by using the transform tool, which does way more than I thought. So maybe I’ll write an article about that one day, it might help a lot of others too! I learned that illustrating is problem solving. You have to figure out ways to visualize things that are normally not there, or you have to adapt them to make a nice visual representation.

So, all in all, this was a great challenge. It taught me a lot. Not only about Illustrator, but about myself as well and that is amazing. Knowing these things about yourself can really help you gain perspective and focus on things you want to improve. I really liked being active in illustrating this much, so I thought of a few new challenges.

Next up, is famous buildings. This is a nice parallel to the Windows of Amsterdam project I’m doing. In this challenge I’m focussing on detail but also on simplification. I want accurate representations of the buildings I’m posting, but I want to really focus on creating these with speed and simplicity in mind. So just now I thought of an aspect that’ll help me with it. I can work for 1,5 hours on a design and then have to post it. No longer. Shorter is fine, longer is not. Knowing that I’m a sucker for detail, I can easily get lost in making them perfect so that really is a challenge for me.

Furthermore, I’ve lined up a few other challenges for when this is done. Since it’s November 11th already, this challenge is going on for 19 days. By then, it’s december of course and I want to use that month to crank out 31 days of festivities. In Holland, we have Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Years so December is all about them.

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