Illustration of a guy in bed seeing things before sleeping

Visuals before you fall asleep

Recently, I have noticed visuals showing up in my mind, right before I fall asleep. They’re visuals I can actually see. They’re not sharp in any way, but highly colorful and I can clearly see the shapes they exist of, but detail is not (yet) there.

It’s quite nice to see these visuals. They’re pretty much always joyful to see. The only disadvantage of them is, that I can’t do quick sketches of them. I try to write down on my phone what they were and what they were about, but I can’t really grab my iPad and make proper sketches. Or turn on the light and make them. Technically, of course, I could do that but I have this feeling that my girlfriend won’t be too happy with that behavior. Other than that, most of the times I am actually falling asleep and it’s the last thing I notice before checking out.

This made me wonder, do any of you have this too? And do the images become clearer over time? Do you do something with the images you see?