In “Windows of Amsterdam”, I ride my bike through the city of Amsterdam in search of pretty windows. We all know the Amsterdam house facades quite well so I figured I’d do something else. Therefore, I’m giving¬†some attention to other parts of these beautiful houses, the windows.

There are lots of beautiful buildings in Amsterdam. Usually, we tend to focus on the facades. Meanwhile, other parts of these buildings are also beautifully constructed. I like to draw things as you can imagine, so I thought that it’d be nice to make some illustrations of windows in Amsterdam.

This is a year-long project of mine in which I’ll publish a new window every week. Windows will be of both houses and other buildings. For example, Central Station, the Rijksmuseum and of course, the Rembrandt house.

At the end of the ride I would really like to publish a little book in which I’ll feature all the windows portrayed. I’ll also present a bit of interesting information about them, as most of these windows have a story. In the mean time, this page will be updated every week so make sure to check in regularly if you like them!